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Along with artistic creation, the entire team supports projects carried out by certain members of the collective, in groups or alone, accompanied by artists or structures, whether or not they are friends.

Merci à toutes celles et ceux qui ont fait vivre ces moments !

Projets de territoire


The Streets of Children / Lille

Creation 2020
Duration: 2 months
Family Public

For public spaces

Actors of the action //

The Children's Café

Friends in heaven

The Plateau Collective

Context and Project //

During the summer of 2020, the association Les potes en ciel called on the Collectif du Plateau to intervene artistically and in the coordination / programming of the Streets for children.  


The “Rue aux Enfants” project is to  allow children to appropriate the foot of their house, their building, a square, a street, by making temporary arrangements.

These areas become play areas, real adventure grounds for children, allowing them to escape, to create, to explore, by involving them in the choice of possible activities.

This project aims to organize around a range of sporting, cultural and recreational activities, to create social links and to (re) give children and families their place in the public space, to reclaim places. .


Dates and Places //

From 04 July to 29 August, 7 Rues aux enfants took place in 6 different districts of the City of Lille.  


Support //

City of Lill e

Video //

Immersion at the EHPAD Le pain d'Alouette // Sallaumines 

Creation 2019
Duration: 1 year
Audiences: Elderly, disabled and people with Alzheimer's disease

Spaces / The corridors and the garden of the retirement home

Authors of the action // Morgane Noubel (actress and author) / Florian Pascal (musician)

EHPAD 4.jpg

// Context

For a year, the Collectif du Plateau put down its suitcases at the retirement home "Le Pain d'Alouette" in Sallaumines. 

An immersion writing residency took place for a week. Welcomed by the staff, Morgane did an internship as a nursing assistant in the Alzheimer's Life Unit to write stories about the daily life of the EHPAD. 

She was also able to benefit from training on Alzheimer's disease. (Carpe Diem Approach, Quebec Resource Center)

// Story

Following these moments, theater workshops around projection and abstraction with the residents of the Unit for the Living of Elderly Handicapped People. 

Florian and Morgane also collected the singular stories of the residents, in order to make a sound installation during the Spring Festival. 

Hear some of them right here ...

EHPAD 2.jpg
00:00 / 02:30
Tante charbon
00:00 / 03:03
Mme Roch
00:00 / 02:45

// Perspectives

Other EHPAD projects are coming for 2021/2022 ... To be continued! 

Entre les lignes / LILLE

// Création 2021
Durée : 1 an
Public Familial

Pour les espaces publics

// Acteurs de l'action

· Les Potes en ciel, Café des enfants

· Le Collectif du Plateau

· Association mémoire et patrimoine

· Association les Petits frères des Pauvres

· La librairie le Biglemoi

· Médiathèque de Fives

// Description

Projet transgénérationnel autour de la mémoire du quartier de Fives.

Durant une année, le café Les potes en ciel a fait appel à une artiste photographe, une artiste raconteuse d'histoires et une philosophe pour sillonner le quartier de Fives à Lille.


Autour de trois balades et d'ateliers, elles ont questionné notre rapport à la mémoire dans l'usage quotidien de nos rues, avec les plus petits et les plus grands ! 


Ces réflexions ont été restituées dans une exposition itinérante.

// Déroulement

13 Mars / Promenade urbaine

09 Juin / Atelier écriture et botanique aux Petits Frères des Pauvres

26 Juin / Promenade urbaine

18 Septembre / Promenade urbaine

22 Septembre / Atelier d'écriture de légende urbaine

13 Novembre / Restitution du projet Place Degeyter à Lille-Fives

De Novembre à Janvier / Exposition photographique

et sonore à la Librairie Biglemoi, à la Médiathèque

de Lille-Fives et à la Mairie de quartier

La Manelle

LA MANELLE - botanical sensiblerie

Creation 2021

Duration: Unlimited

For all

For: Public space 

Artist: Morgane Noubel

Dates and places //

June 12, 2021 - Embarcadère Festival, Fromelles (59)

From February to June 2022 - Bruay-sur-l'Escaut media library

(more coming soon ...)

Case //

Fiche technique //

// Story 

La Manelle has learned to perceive beauty in a crack of tar. 

His great-grandfather once said to him: "If you know how to look at the infinitely small, the garden of your head will grow infinitely larger and you will never be bored again." So she tells whoever wants to hear the stories he has passed on to her. Each story is a botanical secret that she gives to the viewer as a gift. 

Did you know that a poppy seed can wait up to 50 years before it blooms? Why ? 

How is it possible to give a flower bouquet to a flower? Take a photo without a camera? And if we plant a seed of marigold, what does it do in our life? 

Go into his tent, into the tiny one, inside a dandelion ... We are going to look at what is not visible.

La Manelle will tell you about trees and their virtues. Those who wake up in winter or those who close their eyes in autumn. It will make you taste, smell, touch the nature that surrounds us so that we change our gaze, our glasses on it. 

Flowers, trees and weeds are like benches: they carry all the secrets.


// In practice 

La Manelle is a timeless space where we look at what is very small. 

La Manelle is a botanical entresort for a few spectators. 

La Manelle also means taking the time to meet. 

It is a Berber tent placed here or elsewhere. 

These are whispered botanical secrets. 

La Manelle is also writing and plastic workshops in public or natural spaces. 

We explore, we focus on what surrounds us, we analyze, we dream and we give nature back a voice. 

Close your eyes to listen to the sounds, look at the blades of grass with a magnifying glass ...  


What does an oak tree think of? What does a blade of grass dream about? 

La Manelle will tell you everything ...

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